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The Luxembourgish city of Esch-sur-Alzette was named European Capital of Culture for the year 2022.

As such, the city was aimed at enhancing the great diversity of the European cultural heritage.

In that regard, the French Audiovisual Institute (INA) in cooperation with the University of Lorraine and the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) decided to implement a great project for the enhancement of the French and Luxembourgish heritage, entitled “Memories, images and history across borders”.

This initiative aimed at introducing the cross-border territory from 1950 to the present day.

The stake

  • Celebrate the French-Luxembourg friendship and common history.

    〉France and Luxembourg were part of the 6 countries signers of the Paris Treaty which established the very first European community : the European Community of Steel and Coal.

  • Celebrate the cross-border cooperation and the European community.

    〉The designation of the European Capital of Culture indeed aims at enhancing the cultural diversity in Europe.

  • Enhance the French and Luxembourgish audiovisual heritage.

Our great ideas

  • We took our inspiration in the way the music is being treated on TV, especially the way it is treated through the Eurovision contest.
  • We worked with local music artists.
  • We chose symbolic locations for the screening of our video-mapping.

    〉L’Arche, a new cultural place located in Villerupt, in northern Lorraine close to the Luxembourgish border.

    〉The Luxembourgish National Audiovisual Center.

  • We took advantage of the great French-Luxembourg audiovisual heritage and used lots of archive image.


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