OUR WORLD is constantly facing revolutions : digital, economic & ecological.

MEET our super team !

Our super team is made of super coworkers who place creativity and common intelligence at the service of modern and innovative ideas. 

In the middle of those perpetual movements, Super Idée helps you bring your project to life by placing creativity and common intelligence at the service of a modern and innovative idea

1. OUR ambition

to put a square peg in a round hole.

It is a well known saying. It describes problems which have no solution. Yet we believe that creativity and common intelligence are the required keys to make possible what usually appears unconceivable.

At Super Idée, we have the ambition to implement each one of your projects whatever they may be. From artistic direction to events production, as well as counseling and training for companies, we have the required expertise to help you meet your challenges of today and tomorrow. Rest assured, we promise you nothing but super ideas !

2. our baseline

in a straight-line

A straight line is the shortest path to go from point A to point B. In other words, it is the easiest and fastest way to reach one’s goals. At Super Idée, we make this straight line our line-of-sight. Once we work together, your objectives become our objectives, and we make all possible efforts to reach them. 

3. OUR promise


Because we know how unique each of your projects is, we are eager to be attentive to your requests and put our technicity and expertise on behalf of a modern, impactful and creative idea that suits your company’s values and identity.