Lights & Shadows

Savoir-faire mobilisés
artistic direction
digital art


In 2021, we were in Toul with our business partners AV Extended, in order to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Saint-Étienne Cathedral. We performed there our show called Alpha & Omega.

We were back in Toul during the summer 2022 with a new show called Lights & Shadows.

The light and shadow are two elements that are surely opposite but also complementary. They both meet come together in our immersive show.

We have imagined our show Lights & shadows like a sensorial journey around the sun and its universe. From sunrise to sunset, the different parts of our show leave room to a graphic and poetic fantasy.

The stake

  • Celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Saint-Étienne Cathderal in Toul through the enlightenment of the altar and the church’s garden.

Our great ideas

  • Enlighten the Cathedral’s heart with a visual and sound fable honoring the sun through lights and shadows effects.
  • Visually portray the mysteries of the sun and its magical effects on our environment : eclipses, aurora borealis, storms, Sun eruptions… 
  • The Shadowgraph : we screened zodiac signs shadows on the church garden’s walls. We wanted the public to interact with our work by identifying themselves and play with their zodiac sign. 
  • Implementation of sound and lightning sunflowers in the garden of the cathedral. 


Technical implementation

AV Extended