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Savoir-faire mobilisés
Cultural strategy
Transitory urbanism
Events organization


IKO Real Estate is a Luxembourgish real estate developer. It has the plan to build a whole new neighborhood called Rout Lëns, located in Esch-sur-Alzette. The place where the neighborhood will be built was occupied by a steelwork until 1977 and has remained unexploited ever since. 

The stake

  • Implement a transitory urbanism strategy over a year to enable IKO Real Estate to create a bond with the future residents while valuing the strengths of the neighborhood.



→Intergenerational cohabitation.

→Revalorization of the Luxembourgish urban heritage.

Our super ideas

  • Organization of an exhibition : “Rout Lëns : our heritage, the foundation of tomorrow”.

→Philippe Roguet’s vernissage.

→Graffiti’s live-painting from Luxembourgish artist David Soner.

→DJ Set.

  • Organization of an urban artistic tour.

→Creation of artistic murals on azulejos tiles, in tribute to the strong presence of Portuguese population  at Esch-sur-Alzette.

Development of an application that allows to reveal new drawings hidden within the mural using the red lense technology.


Events production and organization

Super Idée