Enhance our heritage through digitalization

Savoir-faire mobilisés
Artistic direction
Events production


In association with AV Extended, we deliver to cities a turnkey video-mapping show to enhance their architectural and cultural heritage using digital art. We handle the scriptwriting, as well as the creation, production and execution of the event

The stake

  • Enhance the architectural and cultural heritage through digital art and video-mapping. The technical aspect of the show is supervised by AV extended, an agency specialized in monumental architectural video-mapping. Super Idée supports them through :


→Assistance to artistic direction.

→Events production, organization and management.

Our super ideas

  • We are eager to draw our inspiration from local history. For each event in which we are involved, we rewrite stories that are the core of the city’s culture. 

→In Dijon, we have created a Christmas’ tale based on a Dijonnaise culinary speciality : the Nonette.

→In Toul, we took inspiration from the history of the Saint-Étienne cathedral to honor the edifice and celebrate its 800th anniversary.


Artistic & technical direction

AV Extended 

Events production and management.

Super Idée 


Super Idée